State Administration Law


In the beginning, the field of work is limited only on the sector which is fulfilling primary needs, such as farming. As time goes by, the sector is moving to industrial and trading sector, so that the work field is more widely open. The rapid – growing of industrial and trading sector causing the establishment of many companies/corporates that can absorb many employees.

Labor law is also developing alongside with the development of the work field. The big number of corporates and their capacity to absorb employees make this Labor Law is demanded to follow the dynamic development. The relation between corporate and their employees can be called as work relation.

By that, it is needed to establish a specific law regulation that is able to act as controller in that relation, furthermore if it appears any problem or dispute in that work relation.

What we do in accomplishing those employment cases/matters is receiving the authority from clients to finish the cases, for the example is in the case of conciliation, arbitration, or mediation towards employment disputes.