Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)


Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is known as an altervantice in resolving a law case that is done outside the court or non – litigation. ADR can be used only in private law cases, in which the regulation is refering only to Private Law regulations. Kinds of ADR that are available are as follow:

  1. Consultation, is a personal resolving method between one party with another party which is the Consultant. Consultant is obliged to give their argument to the client. Client is not bounded or obliged to fulfill the consultant’s argument.
  2. Negotiation, between both parties without any help from another party, by discussing for finding the best solution for the problem and for both parties.
  3. Conciliation, by the help from the conciliator that is active to give resolution steps for the disputing parties.
  4. Mediator, by the help from a Mediator
  5. Arbitration, by the help from an Arbiter, resulting an Arbitration Agreement that is written by disputing parties. Dispute resolution that can be done by Arbitration is a dispute regarding personal rights that can be fully authorized by disputing parties.

We can provide an accompaniment for our clients during the period of dispute resolution as mentioned above until it gains an agreement among both parties.